Create Passive Income Through 'DeFi Liquidity Pools' To Take Control of Your FUTURE...

Accelerate your Wealth Growth like Never Before with Decentralized Finance!

Here's What You'll Get:

✔ DeFi Accelerator Roadmap teaches you EXACTLY what you need to do to create passive income.
✔ Personalized Suggestions from our team and other clients to help you through the roadmap.
 Education Portal to stay up-to-date with the constantly evolving decentralized finance space.
 Resource Suite allows you to know exactly what tools & resources we use on a daily basis.
 Private Investor Group to connect with our other clients & contribute to community due diligence.
 Weekly Group Calls to stay up-to-date with the DeFi market & the latest opportunities.
 Institutional-Grade Software to easily help you through your DeFi journey.

“Decentralized Finance is geared up to be the biggest thing

“Decentralized Finance is here to stay

“Decentralized Finance is taking on Wall Street

Thomas N

"Joining Jake's group has been the best decision I've made since joining crypto years ago. Since learning from Jake, I now make a living from the fees I earn using his methodology. Jake is brilliant and has actually written all the tracking spreadsheets. I stopped losing in crypto after joining Jake's group."

Mitchell H

"After a motorcycle accident, I shifted from forex to DeFi with BuildrWealth. Their team provided essential support. By following their guidance, I created a portfolio that earns $300/day passively. Investing in BuildrWealth was a great decision."

Scott E

"I started mining crypto in 2017. The cost of the program has been more than paid for by the returns I've been able to achieve over the past 5 months, and I know I wouldn't have been able to master liquidity pools without the instruction and coaching."

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